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BNC ~ BNC Video Cable: 18”
Not your ordinary BNC-to-BNC video cable.  These are the most rugged available, made to take abuse on the set and last forever.  Our cable ends are like no other you've seen, guaranteed to not fall apart like other cheap cables you'd find. Available in Red, Green and Blue intended to identify Camera 1, 2 and 3 easily. 18 inches standard size, but we can custom create your BNC to any size you desire. ..
StarLink CrossFire Antenna
This perfectly attaches to the back of your StarLink receiver with a custom made Gripster 500, made to be the longest range in a convenient portable size.  This is one of our hottest new creations that replaces many other antennas available for a general purpose powerhouse. ..
StarLink Premium Patch Antenna
The most versitile and refined antenna available, our 2.4GHz "Lolliepop" Patch Antenna is what we recommend with our recievers for maximum performance in almost any situation.  Extreemly long range and finely tuned for our video signals, these are pretty much standard issue for customers who need long distances with little breakup, even through multiple walls.   Frequency: 2.4ghz GAIN: 10 DB Type: Directional PATCH Horiz Beamwidth: 180 degrees Vert Beamwidth : 110 degrees Polarization: Linear Polarized Size: 65 mm x 15 mm ( 2.5" x 5/8" )  Mounting Hardware: &n..
Ion Air Pro Plus Full-HD Sports Action Camcorder

The compact Ion Air Pro Plus full HD Sports Action Camcorder supports video recording up to 1920x1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. It comes with several mounts, including a helmet mount and bike mount. The camera is waterproof down to a depth of 30 inches. With an IPX8 waterproof-rating and a variety of mounting accessories, the Air Pro Plus is ideal for almost any extreme or action sport. Includes 8GB cloud storage and 32GB microSD card.

MagnaPac™ 500 Super High Capacity Fuel Cell Power Pack

The revolutionary new MagnaPac 500 Renewable Fuel Cell by NextLink Video Communications is a statement of Break-Through Product Technology. Specially Designed & Engineered for Use in Remote Areas Where No Power is Available. The MagnaPac 500 delivers an unlimited source of renewable power utilizing the most advanced Magnesium Fuel Cell Technology in existence today.  All you need is a salt-water solution, either from the ocean or tap with some good ol' NaCl.  Couldn't be easier.

StarLink Super-Dome Antenna
The most finely calibrated, super long-range 2.4GHz antenna available anywhere.  Works with any StarLink 2.4GHz Transmitter, but it's specially tuned to our new 1550 HD units to provide distance you won't believe, and NO-BREAKUP!  That's right, you get a perfectly clear signal never before seen on any wireless video product made.  Years in the making, this professionally engineered unit is the best around.  With our optional mounting arm, you can pair two of these Super Domes together for a powerhouse that anyy helicopter operator dreams of.  Supplies are limited, so buy soon before we..
StarLink DirectVIEW 100 Pro

Precision MACHINED 100% All Aluminum Combination Video Assist & Video Village. The New StarLink WireLess DirectVIEW 100 is the most practical in a mobile Professional Video Assist, Video Monitoring and portable Video Village product … Ruggedized Design made for field use.  Incorporates a detachable ergonomically designed adjustable and padded neck strap along with 1/4-20 camera thread mounts to allow mounting the DirectVIEW 100 to the Gripster 500 Professional combination Grip / Tripod, or to a standalone tripod.  It's 100% machined aircraft aluminum construction is Guaranteed against breakage for 2 Full Years.

StarLink PowerMAX RLX9000 WireLess LCD Receiver Antenna System Provides LCD Receiver Range >= 4000 ft +  *
This newly designed StarLink PowerMAX RLX9000 LCD Receiver Antenna System is precision engineered to be used with the StarLink antenna types listed 
to provide you with the most powerful breakup-free connectivity for "on-site" shoots, "site-to-site" shootslocation-to-location shoots and mobile-to-mobile shots  power, performance and extra long range.


StarLink QuadVIEW 400 Pro

Precision MACHINED 100% All Aluminum Combination Video Assist & Video Village. The StarLink QuadVIEW 400 Is a ruggedized fully portable hand-held professional Quad wireless LCD receiver Product designed & engineered for the professional broadcast market. It's a specially made Quad Screen wireless LCD receiver product that incorporates a Matched Quad set of 4 StarLink WireLess LCD Receivers that allows the Director / Producer to see & hear any FOUR live camera's at the SAME time.

SE2980AGC Professional 2.4GHz Wireless LCD Receiver
Professional 2.4GHz Wireless LCD Receiver Type: 8 CH High GAIN Multi-Mode QuickLOK™ AGC Multi-Mode WireLess AV Receiver and HQ Video Display Hi-Speed StarLink QuickLOK™ AGC Technology with Image Stabilization & Enhanced Video Enhanced HiGain Receiver Circuitry for Optimum Long Range Signal Reception Specially Designed StarLink AGC Video Circuit Module - for consistent video independent of variations between any Transmitted Channels Maintains HQ NTSC Output for all Received Channels Provides AGC for Non-AGC External NTSC Displays 5.0" HQ Color LCD StarLink..
DL5432AGX Professional 2.4 GHz Wireless LCD Receiver

5.4” WVGA 32 Ch 2.4 GHz 1100 NIT - Full DayLight Readable

Super AGC Professional 32 Channel - True 1100 NIT - Full DayLight Readable - Precision Machined StarLink DuraLAST™ Aircraft Aluminum Case - The ONLY Full Outdoor Daylight Readable LCD Receiver on the market that delivers 12 Hours of Run Time on a single Power Pack charge! Now with our ProAmp Xtreme Extended Range Technology.

SDDR2488 Portable Dual Diversity Wireless Receiver

One of the best receivers developed for the broadcast industry, Dual Diversity is finally perfected. This receiver has virtually no video break-up, and offers a clean solid signal in almost any environment.  There is no better wireless system of its kind for going long distances with no complications.

StarLink SLR-1000 PowerMAX 2.4GHz Repeater

Designed and Engineered for those Long Range Non-Line-of-Sight Shoots – the new StarLink PowerMAX Xtended range Repeater delivers the power and performance you need for shoots where reliable non-line-of-sight long range video & audio are a must. Whether its around blind corners, around city blocks, indoors, inside ~ outside buildings, in-between floors of a building or across a park full of obstructions, the PowerMAX 1000 is built to do the job.

StarLink SL1550HD-R2 Transmitter

Introducing the Most Powerful Feature Rich WireLess Audio/Visual HD Transmitter on the Market Today! Specially Designed and Engineered for the Professional Mobile Broadcast Television Industry.  Super HiPerformance MultiMode HD Transmitter For HD / Sdi /Sdi 3G /HDMI / SD / HQ Analog / Comp
Professional 32 Channel Long Range Fully Tunable WireLess HD & Composite VideoMedia Transmitter

SLR5450 Professional 2.4GHz 32CH Dual Diversity Receiver

5.4” 32 Ch 2.4 GHz 1400 NIT - Full Outdoor SunLight Readable

The most powerful Hand-Held Dual Diversity Wireless Audio/Video LCD Receiver ever made for the Professional Broadcast Market.  Designed & Engineered for Video Assist Broadcast TV Applications where nothing short of the absolute best is good enough. The new StarLink 5436 is the Ultimate All-In-One Wireless Video Solution!

StarLink SLR-2000 PowerMAX Pro 2.4GHz Dual Diversity Repeater

Designed and Engineered for NLOS Shoots that require rock solid high quality breakup free wireless video and audio.  StarLink PowerMAX Dual Diversity design provides solid enhanced breakup free high quality video for non-line of sight shoots,  going around blind corners, around city blocks, inside ~ outside buildings, shoots that require going in-between floors of a building, etc.   Delivers ZERO Delay Wireless Video and Audio, Zero Frame Drop and Perfect Video and Audio Syncronization.

SLR5436AGX Professional 2.4GHz Wireless LCD Receiver

5.4” 32 Ch 2.4 GHz 1200 NIT - Full Outdoor SunLight Readable

Introducing the most powerful Hand-Held Wireless Audio/Video  LCD Receiver ever made for the Professional Broadcast Market.  Designed & Engineered for Video Assist Broadcast TV Applications where nothing short of the best is good enough.

StarLink 1550R2 Premium 2.4GHz HD-SDI Transmitter

Finally, the transmitter everyone's been asking for, what the industry was waiting for, what the professionals are now drooling over! After years of R&D with blood, sweat & tears, we are pleased to announce the best high-definition HD-SDI compatible long-range wireless video transmitters anywhere. No down-converter needed anymore, plug in almost any HDSDI or SDI composite input from your newest cameras and preview on any StarLink receiver in real-time, as far away as you need to go, with NO BREAKUP!!!