Q: What is the difference between 1.2ghz and 2.4ghz for video transmitssion?

A: They behave basically the same with small differences.  For most users we would recommend going 2.4, the exception being if you're in a Wi-Fi cluttered environment where it's difficult to tune away from the 802.11 channels.  The 1.2ghz frequency may be able to go through walls more clearly, but 2.4 give slightly better reliability.

Q: Which is the best combination of transmitters and receivers for the average movie shoot?

A: Our recommendation for most is the 1550 transmitter for each camera, giving the most freedom and power available.  If you need smaller and don't need adjustments, we like the 1525 transmitter.  For the Receiver, most customers go for our 2980 line with hard aluminum/magneseum casing. If you need higher resolution and/or more channels, the best is the 5432 receiver or one of our even brighter sunlight readable models.

Q: Which antenna is best for my needs?

A: Each antenna we make has it's own special purpose.  There is no one size fits all needs solution, and bigger isn't always better.  Our units come standard with a small 3dB SuperFlex antenna that suits basic use, but it does have a shorter range.  For long range, directional antennas are better than omni-directional, so our Premium Patch antenna on receiver does an amazing job, especially when paired with the Omni-Dome antenna on transmitter.  For evem more distance, our Cross-Fire is hard to beat.  There are unique scenarios where a more specaillized antenna is needed for best results, so please discuss details of use with our knowledgable sales reps to find the best match.