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MagnaPac™ 500 Super High Capacity Fuel Cell Power Pack
The MagnaPac 500 is made for the user that requires 100% “no-excuse” dependable emergency power all the time, anytime day or night, and in anyplace.  Whether it's on a remote mountain top, a remote island, emergency operations or that last minute field assignment, the MagnaPac 500 is ready when you are. It needs no AC outlet, no Solar Cell for any kind of “recharging and no need to carry around that 25 lb. plus UPS battery backup. Gone is the fear of having a “dead battery” when you need it most. Forget the inefficient low power Solar Packs and the cumbersome AC Re-Charger that is required to keep the..
NextLink ST9899 Ultra Long Range Cordless Telephone w/ DATALink
Powerful New Features: STATION-to-STATION design – powerful and easy-to-use Point-To-Point or Point-To-Multi Point Provides 56k  “Zero Dollar” cost of operation wireless Dial Tone for your Notebook, PDA, FAX machine or desktop PC for powerful long range communications Provides 200k of High Bandwidth Wireless xDSL communications with a “Zero Dollar” cost of operation for your Notebook, PDA, or Desktop PC for powerful long range data transmission Specially designed to deliver up to 200 k of full duplex wireless xDSL and 56k PSTN connectivity to provide a mobile Video-Audio-Da..